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Meet the Crew

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.”  – Rob Siltanen


General Pain in the ASS

Rick is the entrepreneurial spirit that brought ARL to life, he has always been lead by his passion and the wind. Having always developed new businesses that closely pursued his favourite hobbies, this newest creation follows the trend of pleasures he finds in sharing his video creations with the world for all to enjoy.

With over 10 years in video, and 20 years sailing, we know you will truly appreciate the unique images from life that only an individual like Rick could deliver.

He lives full-time on board of “Sophisticated Lady”, a 50ft Jeanneau International Sailboat and sails the Caribbean in search of all these beautiful images.

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I’m often asked. People want to know who’s hiding behind the big sunglasses and a Slavic accent.

I was born 1984 in the South of Russia in the family of a Cossack came from.   Always had studied and worked in completely different spheres: history, tourism, club management, business coach, sales and public speaking, even the beautician and many others…  The great and lasting passions were travel, writing and sailing yachts.

  After graduation and getting a skipper license for coastal navigation in the winter of 2016, I was sadly working as a Manager in the construction company’s office where all the boats in my area were hauled for winter storage.  But in March, as a gift for my Birthday, I received an offer from Captain Rick to become a member of his team aboard ’Sophisticated Lady’, so in April for the first time ever I was on a plane over the Atlantic to my new home in the Caribbean!


My son Brenden also travels and works with us as you know, and is helping tremendously with editing and creating content… his passion in school and college was video editing and 3D animation, and now he is bringing those skills into our family business aboard ‘Sophisticated Lady’! Overall cool guy and the one editing this site.

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Drill Sergeant
Alarm Clock

Hi my name is Tiki, welcome to my world. I have been traveling throughout the Caribbean with Captain Rick for two years now. My contribution to ARL is to provide lively entertainment to all those that come aboard. And for all others you will find some cool videos about me on this page and on YouTube.

  I am responsible for ensuring the ARL team is up early every morning, even on weekends!!! I can be cute when I want to, but I can also put you in your place if you are not careful! I am affectionate and provide the best bird kisses ever….Oh, one thing about me, I’ve been known to burst out a word or two which turns the human faces a shade of white followed by out bursts of laughter…phew! Crackers are my favorite, but I will pretty much eat anything…

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